Women Drivers for Silly Sunday

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Here is mine for this week:

Women Drivers

Women DriversThis morning while driving on the motorway, I looked over to my right and there was a woman in a brand new Mercedes looking into her rear view mirror while working on her eyeliner. Can you believe it?

I looked back at the road for a few seconds. When I looked at her again, she was halfway in my lane, still putting on that damn makeup.

As a man, I don’t scare easily. But she scared me so much that I dropped my electric shaver, which knocked the jelly donut out of my other hand, and I started to swerve. While trying to straighten the car with my knees against the steering wheel, I knocked my cell phone from my ear. It fell into the coffee which was clenched between my legs, splashed, and burned Big Stevie and the Twins, ruined the phone, soaked my pants, and disconnected an important call.

Damn women drivers.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I know, as a women I shouldn’t be sharing this joke, but it was just too funny to skip. Thanks Carolyn for sending it to me. How about you, did you laugh?

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  1. Dang those woman drivers.
    Joyce recently posted..Silly Sunday: Teacher ArrestedMy Profile

  2. LOL she has a lot to answer for how inconvenient :-)

    Have a brilliant day ;-)
    stevebethere recently posted..Travelling In Icy ConditionsMy Profile

  3. Dang women drivers with their silly stuff like make-up is why men have a hard time getting important stuff done on the road.
    Mike recently posted..Silly SundayMy Profile

  4. LOVE this whole site!!! I am the newest follower! so funny!
    momto8blog recently posted..Rise And Shine!My Profile

  5. I’ll have you know I am a safe driver and my worst offense is searching for a better song on the Sirius-XM radio!
    And speeding. Yeah, I speed…
    Alex J. Cavanaugh recently posted..Awesome Stuff and the Big Announcement!My Profile

  6. These women drivers:):) But I must admit that your story is very funny:)
    Anna recently posted..veneersMy Profile

  7. Haha this is so funny. Women are so troublesome, until….
    futures trading recently posted..Futures Press Launches an Education Enrichment Initiative… June 21st, 2011My Profile

  8. Oh my I have to say that they will fit well with each other.

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