Standing in a Truck – A Different Way To Travel In Oman

Once we left the city of Muscat, seeing men and kids standing in a truck was a common site in Oman. Our guide thought it looked like fun, I thought it looked dangerous, what do you think? (Don’t worry – standing in a truck is the last in this series on Laugh Quotes – links to the cows are below).

Standing in a Truck

standing in a truck

Photo © Rhonda Albom 2012, taken outside Misfat, Oman

This is a Wordless Wednesday Post.

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When I met my hubby he was looking for a traveling companion. Together we have moved to New Zealand and visited over 42 countries, most with our now teenage girls. Things rarely go as planned, and generally we have an amusing tale to tell. That's what Laugh Quotes is about - the fun side of our adventures and our expat life.


  1. this seems to be common in this culture- now whether I would stand up has everything to do with how much I trust the driver :)
    Happy WW

  2. I think it is dangerous I wouldn’t last 2 seconds LOL

    Have a fantastico week Rhonda and don’t forget No Standing
    stevebethere recently posted..WW – Don’t Say A WordMy Profile

  3. That is definitely not my thing. They are braver (dumber) than I.
    Wayne recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Reptile EditionMy Profile

  4. I’d do it…for a while. Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  5. so interesting!
    anna recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

  6. I use to do it all the time when we were kids if we were on back roads. But it is dangerous and I have often wondered how I ever lived through my child hood. But it was fun!!

    I haven’t got mine up yet for Wednesday. I need to get busy and get something done! I’ll be linking up shortly I hope!! :-)
    Jackie recently posted..Ruby Tuesday-Gentle Colors Of WinterMy Profile

  7. Looks fun AND dangerous lol…Sometimes danger and fun go together well ;)

  8. It’s illegal to ride in the bed of a truck in my state. Can’t think of a time, even growing up, that I ever did. I’m pretty anxious to see what next week brings us.
    Janet@TheCatOnMyHead recently posted..WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: VANITY PLATEMy Profile

  9. I guess it would depend on how fast they were traveling.
    Diana @ Toronto Teacher Mom recently posted..Large Personalized Owl Shape CardMy Profile

  10. Looks quite dangerous to me!! But yeah, fun too I guess haha
    Ai Sakura recently posted..Wordless Wednesday {linky party}: Joys of Parenting with DrDru | Week 2My Profile

  11. I also think it is dangerous. The driver had better be very careful and drive slowly! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!
    Judy Haughton-James recently posted..Poinsettia In January – Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  12. Dangerous!
    Joyce recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: SleepMy Profile

  13. What an adventure! Great photo, and I can’t wait to see more of your travel pictures!
    Christy Ann recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Toilet Paper (w/ LINKY)My Profile

  14. Definitely scary! I wouldn’t last a second! It reminded me of something I saw recently – a garden worker standing in the back of a ute with a hedge trimmer to reach the top of the hedge …..but with a mate driving them along while they trimmed it!

  15. I guess as long as the driver doesn’t hit a big bump they aren’t in too much danger. Still it doesn’t look all that safe.
    Squirrel Queen recently posted..Sissi Cat Watching YouMy Profile

  16. Definitely dangerous!
    Theresa recently posted..Wordless Wednesday~ PostersMy Profile

  17. That’s too dangerous to me.
    Cafe au lait recently posted..One Cup A DayMy Profile

  18. I think it looks like fun. I would at least try it. I don’t think I would let me kids do it until I’ve done it first. The people in the pic look as if they are pretty good at it. Maybe because they’ve been doing it for so long.

    Sophia recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~ 01.09.13My Profile

  19. Definitely not for me. I get car sick, and I’d really be in trouble if there was a strong wind. Nice photo though.
    Julie recently posted..IWSG: The Write FitMy Profile

  20. No way, I’d be a nervous wreck. The picture is cool though!
    Rosey recently posted..Wordless Wednesday (Layover)My Profile

  21. That is pretty common in my native country Philippines. That is not even full ^_^ Some sight you can’t see the truck or car the people is way too many ^_^ Great shot!

    Kim,USA recently posted..Food Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  22. I hope for their sake that Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down….lol

  23. you see teenagers in ny hanging out of the tops of limos on their way to prom. at least these guys don’s seem drunk ;)
    jessica @peekababy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Pomagremlin w/linkyMy Profile

  24. Thanks for sharing this interesting picture. I think it looks like both fun and dangerous but it really depends on how the driver drives :-)
    phoenixrisesagain recently posted..Wordless Wednesday in SepiaMy Profile

  25. That looks way too dangerous.
    Wonder how common accidents and injuries are.
    kewkew recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: January 8, 2013 (w/linky)- Sleepy HannahMy Profile

  26. Looks scary to me! Happy WW!
    Loy recently posted..A Baby Boomer Daydreamer DreamsMy Profile

  27. something I should try one of these days!
    self sagacity recently posted..Self Sagacity’s Top Commenter Contest #10 Winner!My Profile

  28. I took a LONG road trip in the middle of Mexico once (no idea where, outside Mexico City is all I know) and we got a “cab” which was about 10 of us standing in the back of a truck. I was the only girl. A very white, blonde girl. They loved me.
    ❤ Julie Maloney ❤ (@Momspective) recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Get The F Off My Lawn!My Profile

  29. Fun and dangerous? Although you must eat a lot of dust that gets kicked up.

    Please join us at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers at! And be sure to sign up on our site to get an email notice when the next WWB is live.
    Jennifer recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Tae Kwon DoMy Profile

  30. Yikes, you certainly would not want to hit a big bump!!
    Monica recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~ Ringing in the New Year {w/LINKY}My Profile

  31. I would be scared to stand in the back of a ruck like that
    Karren Haller recently posted..Welcome To Digger’s Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  32. Not me, you are braver than I am.

  33. It looks dangerous for USA’s society because the conditions are different. But I’m sure its safe for theirs, because they are more cautious when driving due to people standing on the backs of trucks. Great picture!
    Blended4Purpose recently posted..Breaking Free from PMS Highlight ReelMy Profile

  34. Tony McGurk says:

    That poto reminds me of a show we watch about the world’s most dangerous roads. I saw one episode about this steep windy narrow dirt road through the mountains in China. Now am am wondering about wind & wind. The wind is blowing or wind up the clock…
    Tony McGurk recently posted..“The Tasmanians” New HomeMy Profile

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