Sleeping on the Job – Or Just Enjoying Auckland’s Waterfront?

At the buskers festival on Auckland Anniversary I came upon this sleeping man on the lawn.  His vest reads Event Security and it was at this moment I knew I this guy sleeping on the job was the perfect photo for Wordless Wednesday:

Sleeping on the Job

Right after I snapped it, he was awakened by someone he knew. He sat up quickly, loudly shouting “What’s going on? Where the f%^◊ am I?”

Turns out I’ve been duped.  I decided to figure out the writing on the rest of the shirt: Hand over your b . . . Well it turns out, he is not security, the shirt actually reads: Event Security, Hand Over Your Booze.

Either way, here is a close up of his hand, sleeping with a lit cigarette is never too cool:

Sleeping on the Job

Did you think he was sleeping on the job, or just a joke?

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  1. That guy has an awesome sense of humor. I am sure it was just a joke because sleeping on the ground is not comfortable at all :)

  2. I’d say joke, but you never know…

  3. I think he was drunk LOL

  4. Hari om
    …some kind of wierd performance piece??? to prove that you would have to be around every hour on the hour. Or follow him and join in the haul of B…

    Find me here, YAM xx

  5. I say just enjoying here and there… There are many other places where he could have fallen to sleep and actually enjoy the sleep.
    Have a great day!

  6. I think he was handed too much booze.

  7. I too think he was drunk and fell asleep on the grass.

  8. Maybe he needed a change of view

  9. Well if he scored some booze he just may have been sleeping. It could happen.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  10. Totally awesome!

  11. I would think he was taking a nap during work. Kiwis are so easygoing!!

  12. NYCSingleMom says:

    I go with a joke!!

  13. Hi Rhonda .. just taking time out enjoying the sun .. perhaps spoiling others’ rest with the ‘fag’?!

    The thought of lying on grass (is it?) in the sun .. is for a few months too far perhaps … it’s not cold here, but boy is it wet ..

    Cheers Hilary

  14. LOL. Well I thought he was just resting and enjoying the sun but then I spied the cigarette. Hmm..hope he wasn’t asleep.

  15. What a hilarious shirt. I think I’d like that guy.

  16. He probably was passed out on the lawn. Now I often find myself nodding off in a chair, and I don’t even drink. Great photo!

  17. I think he was drunk, why else would you pass out with a lit cig in your hand and wake up yelling where am I? Not that I have experienced doing that :) Thanks for sharing!

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