Photos: Oxford University – Including More Harry Potter Film Locations

I have never really been impressed by a university campus before our visit to Oxford University today.


Walking around the campus, I was surrounded by the most amazing architecture.  I  see why the city of Oxford is known as the ‘city of the dreaming spires.’

Oxford University

Oxford University

One of the campus builidngs at Oxford

Oxford University

Oxford University

University Students


I also know why they chose to film parts of the Harry Potter films here.  Do you remember the infirmary scene from the first movie?  It was filmed here in the Divinity School building of the University:

Oxford University

Oxford is one of those towns that is really worth a visit, and ideally for a lot longer than we spent here.  One night didn’t do it.  I think I could easily have spent a week.

Where’s your favorite university campus?

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Travel Counter: We are in week 9 of our 250 day overseas adventure.

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  1. Claire Turnham says:

    I am glad you loved Oxford and hope you can come back again Rhonda, there is so much to see and do here. Happy travels x

  2. Hi-

    It’s Uncle Brad finally checking in. I’ve made it through all of your postings up to this one. Your adventure is fascinating and it is fun to follow along. Mom has also been watching the posts from time to time on her friend’s iPad. I’ve been a little confused over dates because the dates on your postings do not seem to be the actual dates you visited the locations. For example, on the dates of your Germany posts, Mom was sure that you were in England. You might want to include a time stamps or some indication of when you actually took the pictures.

    Next, since it’s so close and you’ve got at least one Shakespeare fan, I’m assuming that Stratford-Upon-Avon is on your list. I visited there in the mid 80′s when I was working in Nuneaton (just a bit to the north). If it’s not obvious, you need to take in at least one play while there.

    Also, if you’re planning on visiting Wales, you might want to check out Portmeirion which is where the old “Prisoner” series was filmed. It’s a hotel now, but mostly intact with everything built to 3/4 scale (or something like that).

    Hoping you have a lot more fun & I’ll try to check in more often.

    -brad a.

    • Hi Brad,

      You’re right; the post happen about a week after we’ve done it. Rhonda keeps it about a week ahead to cover the days when we don’t have internet. Plus, we are doing so many different things, we sometimes have to break a day up into different posts. Just wait a day or so for Stratford. I don’t remember you working in the UK? I know my memory is bad but…


  3. Now you can say you’ve been to Oxford.
    Joyce recently posted..#GBE2: Hop on PopMy Profile

  4. I took my brother up to Oxford one weekend when we were living in Lodon. We have a photo of him reading his ‘Lets Go’ guide just he can boast that he “read at Oxford”
    Lynne recently posted..Best Razor Scooters 2012My Profile

  5. I took my brother up to Oxford one weekend when we were living in London. We have a photo of him reading his ‘Lets Go’ guide just he can boast that he “read at Oxford”
    Lynne recently posted..Best Razor Scooters 2012My Profile

  6. Yes it is a great place, I spent about the same amount of time as you did but it is still a vivid experience

  7. Fascinating photos glad you liked Oxford, I have never been myself I have been to Cambridge never seen so many bikes :-)
    stevebethere recently posted..This Weeks Top EC Droppers May 25 – 2012My Profile

  8. Loving your daily emails. Amelia is too. I drove through Oxford university. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Have you been to Otago University? It’s pretty impressive too but not as much as Oxford

    • We were down that way a few times, mostly because it is the closest hospital to Wanaka :( I do like Dunedin, and now that you live there, we actually have a good reason to visit.

  9. We did Oxford for Debbie’s birthday last July, it was amazing. So many universities there, great architecture, and lots of Harry Potter, Inspector Morse and Lewis locations.
    Tony Payne recently posted..Chicken And Chocolate – Not Always The Best CombinationMy Profile

    • What a great birthday present:) We only did the Harry Potter sites and the main University sites. We really needed more time in Oxford.

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