Operating the TV Is Not Rocket Science

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There are only a few final details remaining, which is a good thing as we start our 250 day adventure on Wednesday.

If you have been following our progress, you know that we are doing home exchanges which have worked out so well that our home will be lived in the entire time we are away, all of whom speak English as a second (or third) language.  Part of our agreement with our home exchange partners is that we will leave written directions on how to operate the electronics.

I will admit, that our TV is a bit complicated if you want to understand all of the bells and whistles. I don’t, I just want to watch TV,  it’s not rocket science..

I guess it might be in our house, I can’t throw that expression around lightly.

I am married to a rocket scientist.

not rocket scienceDirections from Hubby on How to Operate the TV:

  • To watch the TV, use the Panasonic TV remote, press the red “power” button.
  • Wait- the light on the TV will change from flashing green to continuous green
  • The TV can display broadcast TV channels (digital television), or signals from the DVD, VHS, or “media player”.
  • For broadcast TV channels, press the “Input:TV” button if they do not appear when the TV turns on. Use the “CH” and “VOL” buttons on the remote to change channel and volume.
  • For DVD:
    1. Press the Panasonic DVD Player remote red power button and wait for it to fully turn on.
    2. Press the Panasonic TV remote “Input:AV” button and select AV1 on the TV screen using the up/down arrows.
  • For VHS VCR:
    1. Press the Panasonic VCR/TV Player red power button and wait for it to fully turn on.
    2. Load a tape into the VCR and use the VCR remote buttons or buttons on the front of the VCR player.
    3. Press the Panasonic TV remote “Input:AV” button and select AV2 on the TV screen using the up/down arrows.
  • For Wii:
    1. Make sure the Wii unit power is connected (Grey power cord)
    2. Press the button on a Wii remote (inside TV cabinet drawer)
    3. Insert a Wii disk into the Wii unit
    4. Press the Panasonic TV remote “Input:AV” button and select AV3 on the TV screen using the up/down arrows.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you ask me, operating the TV is not rocket science.  Here was my written instructions:

Directions from Me on How to Operate the TV:

  • Press red “power” button on the Panasonic remote.
  • Turn off when finished.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Travel Countdown: only 4 days to go until we start our 250 day overseas adventure.

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Travel Updates:

It’s all coming together now:

  • We have our passports back with all our necessary visas stamped in.
  • We have nearly finished all our shopping except for a few personal items.
  • We have a fully stocked first aid kit, which hopefully will come home that way.
  • All the laundry is washed and today we will pack.

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  1. I think I can follow your directions far better. To tell you the truth I don’t think I even know how to turn on our television. That shows you how much I watch that idiot box.

    Have a terrific day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted..Political QuotesMy Profile

  2. I’m with you on the TV thing as well. You must be getting very excited now. Here’s hoping the weather is kind to you while you are on the move.

  3. I am laughing hysterically. That is exactly how my husband would write them. He was an electronics technician and worked on and taught electronic countermeasures in the Air Force. He is now writing technical instructions for how to bake a cupcake for the Cupcake Club. That should be fun.

  4. oh, its rocket science in my house. no one could figure it out on their own and forget watching tv after a dvd. we have so many gadgets, our house might glow at night =)
    tara tyler recently posted..Interview with a ScientistMy Profile

  5. Would it scare you to know his directions make perfect sense to me?
    Alex J. Cavanaugh recently posted..Ninja News and One Downside to the A to Z ChallengeMy Profile

    • Actually Alex, it doesn’t surprise me at all. I have read your first book and i would imagine you to be a bit of the rocket scientist type.

  6. Heheh! I think your instructions are quick and easy that’s assuming you have drawn a diagram of where to locate the red power button ;-) “larfs”
    stevebethere recently posted..SS – GrandpaMy Profile

  7. I’m glad you know how to work your TV. I don’t totally know how to work ours. Wednesday. Wow!
    Joyce recently posted..Silly Sunday: DeathMy Profile

  8. Victoria says:

    One day I opened the door and the Electrical Company was asking why my home was pulling in enough electrical service to put a strain on our city electrical system.
    That explained why our house always made a “whomp” “whomp” sound.

  9. TVs has gotten complicated. Although I realize kids can figure out those remotes better than we can
    Aysha recently posted..Easter Gift Baskets for GirlsMy Profile

  10. Wow! Your husband’s operation manual is designed for aliens:) But it is really precise, isn’t it?
    Julie recently posted..teeth on 4My Profile

  11. Operating my TV really IS like rocket science. My husband’s a TV tech guy and I think he’s tried to make it impossible for me to watch anything on HIS TV.

    ….You say your home will be lived in the whole time! I guess you need to hide a lot of stuff!
    Nancy recently posted..Rox becomes jewelry!My Profile

  12. Zia Courtney says:

    Wow! That sounds interesting! By the way I actually do not have any rocket science TV but the instructions are quite great and this is truly great.
    Zia Courtney recently posted..Bifold DoorsMy Profile

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