Celebrating the Night Lights of Auckland City

The night lights of Auckland, New Zealand:

night lights of AucklandI took this shot yesterday at a wonderful night photography workshop in Auckland from Three Little Wishes. Standing on a bridge over the motorway, we could capture the moving cars with the Auckland city skyline in the background. This is the second excellent workshop I have taken with them.

Celebrate the small thingsIt seems like the perfect photo to share for Viklit’s weekly bloghop, Celebrate the Small Things.  I am also celebrating this week:

  • I joined a Shutterbug group at a photo shoot at the Chinese New Year Festival last weekend, where I saw the Prime Minister.
  • While we polished our sailing skills on Sunday, we didn’t seem quite as coordinated in Wednesday’s wild, windy weather. We were happy with our third place result.
  • Mixed in between, I had coffee with good friends.

What are you celebrating this week? Do you take night photos?

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Disclosure: Nothing to disclose today, I paid full price for this workshop.

Photos: Chinese New Year Festival in Auckland 2014
Auckland From Dusk to Darkness - Outcome of A Night Photography Workshop
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  1. Wow, great shot. Would so love to have seen the Chinese New Year festival. I believe it’s the 31st here.

    • LOL – the 31 would make more sense as that is actually the date of Chinese New Year. No idea why it was early in Auckland. Glad you like my night shot. There will be more tomorrow.

  2. Good capture Rhonda I do like night photos

    Well done on your third place :-)

    Have a tanfastic weekend Rhonda ;-)

  3. I love that shot! I was part of a local photo club for ten years and it was so insightful and fun to do shoots together.

  4. Awesome photo! And third place is still cool.

  5. Cool shot. I don’t take photographs. That’s hubbies job.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  6. What an awesome shot! Love it :D

  7. I love those shots where headlights and taillights become a line. Cool! Congrats on the new photo group, seeing the PM, and on your 3rd place. Good luck on getting a 1st place sometime when the weather’s better. :)

    • Thanks Lexa, I love those shots too. It’s just getting the motorway at night that prevents me from doing it too often. I was about an hour from home.

  8. It seems like the perfect photo to sell to a postcard company.


  9. What a beautiful shot!!

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