A New Look for My 500th Post

Laugh Quotes is 500!

No, that’s not right.

Laugh Quotes is 2 1/2. This is Laugh Quotes’ 500th post and in it’s honor I have a new look.

It’s everywhere.

My blog. My Map. My Hair. My Bathroom.

New Look for Laugh Quotes

The blog’s look should be obvious by now (unless you are reading this in your email).  It’s simple and clean.

This is what happens when I am bored.  Do you think it will last for another 500 posts, or just a few?

New Look for Our Travel Map

Actually, it’s more of an old, new look for the travel map.  It was ever changing. The result, this is our 2012:  (the map links to Google, if you want an expanded view):

map around the worldThe map doesn’t look like much, does it?  So my map needed a new look.  Luckily we visited a few huge countries like Russia and China.  I think our travels look so much more interesting when the countries are filled in:

Round the World Travel Map

Our final itinerary by country:

New Zealand → Australia → Singapore → Malaysia → China → Oman → UAE → Russia → Germany → Czech Republic → Germany → England → Scotland → Ireland →Wales → MSC Cruise to Amsterdam and Norway → England → Spain → Portugal → Spain → France → Spain → NCL Cruise to France, Italy, Vatican City, Greece and Turkey → Austria → Germany → Luxembourg → Belgium → France → Morocco → New Zealand.

My new look hair cut leads to a new bio photo.

It wasn’t a planned new look. Hubby went to “Quick Cuts” whilst we were in Spain and looked great.  I mean really great.  He had never been brave enough to get short hair before.  It was easy this time.  He doesn’t speak Spanish, and apparently I don’t speak it as well as I think.  So,when I asked her to keep his curls, I think she heard, “cut off the curls.”

Well, he looked so good I gave “Quick Cuts’ a try  for my trim. In a word: Fail. The better salon’s repair forced me to be brave too, so now I have my first shorter cut in years.  Here are a few of my favorites in thumbnail size.  Which one do you think should be up in the new bio box on top of the sidebar?

Laugh Quotes Laugh Quotes Bio Photo Rhonda Albom bio

New Look for My Bathroom

I have heard from so many people that the best part of returning home after a long trip is sleeping in your own bed.  Well, yes that was nice.  But for me, it was having a clean bathroom and toilet seat.

We almost didn’t.  Really.

I offer big thank yous to my neighbor and friend who replaced our toilet seat after our home exchange partner left and before we got home.  We found the “original” in the garage.  We can’t figure out how this could happen, maybe you can explain this:

dirty toilet seatIn honor of my new toilet seat, or really just in honor of having a toilet seat (and no more squat toilets) we bought new towels and bathmats. (After seeing the toilet seat we figured the whole bathroom needed an upgrade).  So, yes our bathroom really does have a new look to compliment our replacement toilet seat.


  • Do you like the new page format?
  • Which bio photo is your favorite?
  • Should we head to North America, South America or South East Asia next?
  • What happened to my toilet seat?
About Rhonda

When I met my hubby he was looking for a traveling companion. Together we have moved to New Zealand and visited over 42 countries, most with our now teenage girls. Things rarely go as planned, and generally we have an amusing tale to tell. That's what Laugh Quotes is about - the fun side of our adventures.


  1. Looks like everything is new with you. I like the short haircut. I bet it’s easier to take care of that way.
    Joyce recently posted..Silly Sunday: Remembering Uncle BernardMy Profile

    • LOL – Actually my new hair is much more work. The old was it was generally pulled back, so I did nothing. Now I have to blow dry and fuss with it a bit. However, I am really pleased with the outcome.

  2. I like the new look!
    Wow, did you hit a lot of countries.
    Congratulations on five hundred posts.

  3. I like your new look and it is clean indeed. Excellent.

    I’m happy that you are happy with having a clean bathroom. I just couldn’t do all the bathroom stuff you had to do. Well I could do it because I would have to, but I wouldn’t like it one bit. Camping to me is the Marriott. Just saying.

    Glad you are home and doing well. Have a terrific day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted..Silly Sunday #56My Profile

    • You are right, you would if you had too. It’s not always as bad as I made it out. If your a Marriott girl, you are guaranteed a sit down toilet with a seat everyday. What do you do on the boat if you are clogged (not you personally, the toilet). You must hate bucket and chuck-it days.

  4. I love your new look, Rhonda! Congrats on the 500 entries! :)
    Livia recently posted..Oh, How I Miss You BlogfestMy Profile

  5. Great new “clean” look. I like the “espresso cup” photo for the bio – I like to see your eyes :)

  6. Just one answer, I’m sure you’ll get plenty for the rest. I like your pic on the left the best, with the cup :-) Lovely

  7. Oh my. That toilet seat! My guess is self-tanning lotion that wasn’t quite dry.

    Nice short haircut! That will be great through summer. Funny – I cut mine about as short just last Tuesday.

    • Could be self tanning, but is it really like that – a paint that goes onto your skin? I tried the Clinque self tan before and the color slowly came out over a few hours and didn’t come off the furniture. Certainly not on the toilet seat as those parts don’t need tan on me :)

  8. I think the one with the tea cup or the one on the far right for the profile pic

  9. Hi Rhonda .. lots of new – I like the picture you’ve chosen best. The new look to the blog is great – I think I’m going this route too – need to pluck up courage … other priorities right now.

    You certainly went places .. love the map etc … so pleased you’re enjoying being home – cheers for now .. Hilary

    • Thanks Hilary, just remember it will take longer than you think it should to redesign, an then there is all the additional things that need to change (I haven’t gotten to them yet) like my thumbnail at other sites and gravatar,

  10. Wow. You racked up some frequent flier miles this year, didn’t you? I didn’t go more than 300 miles from home all year. Hmmmm. Might need to change that.

    • LOL – Our primary carrier was Emirates (my favorite Airline) but only on the long hauls. The smaller flights were so many different airlines – which ever was cheapest and not Tiger or Ryanair. Remember, this was 10 years of planning and saving.

  11. Congratulations on Post 500. The new look blog is great! All your photos are lovely but maybe you could use the third one where you are holding your camera. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  12. John Sitton says:

    Yes the eyes have it with the coffee and the grin… that’s where your mischievousness and sense of humor shows best. I read your posts when I get a chance even tho don’t have much comment time …because 1) I love your SOH and 2) I’m green with envy r.e. your “bucket list” and travel agenda. Been all round the world, but missed many of your good spots (down under twice, but never NZ for.ex.) and it’s gotta be a wonderful education for your kids… bucket brigade et al You must be taking something besides 5 hr. energy to have the web presence, the travel, the kids, et.al, but keep on truckin’ ;>)

    • LOL – that what my sister said about that photo. Hubby doesn’t like it because I am not looking at the camera – but I (and you, and my sister) find that to be the fun part of the photo. Thanks for for following our travels and glad I could make you laugh. As for what I am taking, nothing other than a few diarrhea tablets in Morocco (and in China and a few other spots).

  13. Congrats to you, Rhonda, on the 500 posts and on being such an absolutely amazing world traveler.
    Like the new hairdo, and the middle pic with the gold scarf is my favorite.
    Cheers, my funny friend!
    Carolan Ross recently posted..Priorities & Big RocksMy Profile

    • Thanks Carolan – I am so confused about the photos. The more I read the comments, the more confused I get. At first I completely agreed with you, that’s why it is up there now. On the other hand the first is funny, the third shows the camera.

  14. What’s wrong with that toilet seat?
    woodsterman recently posted..New Word For Our TimeMy Profile

    • LOL – your guess is as good as mine. Or is this sarcasm. Sadly, I have lived in a country that doesn’t do sarcasm for so long, sometimes the funniest comments go right over my head now. But don’t worry, not too often.

  15. Hi, Rhonda! Came by to say thanks for signing up for the Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest! And holy, congrats on the 500! Wow. ;-)

  16. Margaret Brown says:

    They are all nice pictures, Rhonda, but I think my favorite is the middle pic.

  17. I definitely like you new design, it’s much more comfortable for my eyes to read it, and I also like your new haircut, it’s been a great choice;)
    Hajni recently posted..A fogpótlások egyre nagyobb népszerűségeMy Profile

    • Thanks. I didn’t really realize how much I didn’t like the old look until I dropped it. congrats on your new blog. I had a look, but can’t read a thing. What language is it?

  18. The short hair becomes you. I like the picture on the right, since it reminds me of your trip. i’m afraid I’ve been reading the blog by email while you were traveling and I don’t remember the old format. For me it’s the content that counts, as long as the format doesn’t distract.

    I definitely think you should come to California next, preferably to Paso Robles Wine Country, so we can meet you in person and make sure you don’t miss anything good.

    • Thanks Barbara. I really like it too. Sometimes the unexpected works out really well. I am thrilled you read it at all, email is a great option. As for the old look it was bright and busy. I have shifted 180 degrees. If we come to the states from NZ, we have to enter via California, either LAX (which we try to avoid) or SFO. One of the really cool things about this last trip was meeting some of the really cool people – Lynne S. Lisa A. Tony and Debbie P, Ellyn M and . . . I am really sorry to the other on-line friend who I can’t remember right now. I know there is another . . .

  19. Congratulations on your milestone. I look forward to reading your next 500. May your word processor and internet connection always be to your liking no matter where your life takes you :)
    Michael Offutt recently posted..Another picture of Jordan from Oculus and my first Oculus reviewMy Profile

  20. Great new looks :) thanks for sharing with us at Creative Mondays…
    clairejustineoxox recently posted..Creative Mondays Blog Hop…My Profile

  21. I always love a good makeover- home, self or otherwise & it sounds like you’ve had plenty of them lately! I think your hair looks awesome- and how cool that you’ve been so many places! I’ve never even left the country.
    Shell Fruscione recently posted..Josie Brown’s Totlandia Book 1 Review {&Get Your Free Copy!}My Profile

  22. I like the photo in the middle for your bio. And congratulations on the 500th post
    Aysha recently posted..Get Cool iPhone 5 Cases HereMy Profile

  23. you’ve been everywhere, man! i mean woman! (know the song?)

    and i love that first pick! can see your pretty face!
    sorry about your john! but you know how men are…esp after that long!
    tara tyler recently posted..It’s been a happy birthday month!My Profile

    • Too bad, I don’t know the song. Not everywhere, we I still haven’t made it closer than 50 miles off the South American shores. Thanks for picking a photo. As for the toilet, it’s in the bin now.

  24. Blimey you have been busy love the new clean look the blog loads so much faster too.

    Your new hair cut looks neat too, I won’t say what happened to the loo seat LOL

    The improved map is so much clearer after all your adventures I ain’t surprised your a bit bored heheh!

    Have a brilliant week Rhonda :-)
    stevebethere recently posted..WW | Full MoonMy Profile

    • Yay! I am so glad to hear it loads faster. My admin is overseas right now, but when she returns to OZ I am going to change themes also – keeping it plain and simple, but one that loads quickly.
      Thanks Steve.

  25. You should add Canada to your travel list. We love visitors here ;)
    Mommy Outside recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Snowman w/linkyMy Profile

    • Funny, you are the second person to say that to me today. Hubby had work in Ottawa, Canada 10 years ago and the girls (2 and 4) and I tagged along – not really, we left him there and toured from Montreal to Niagara Falls. I really enjoyed Canada. And, it is on the list as part of North America.

  26. Congratulations on all the newness, and especially the 500th post. Big milestone.
    Mike recently posted..It’s Bobby’s BirthdayMy Profile

  27. Congrats on your 500th post! I also like your new look, and my favorite is the middle photo. It goes perfectly with your reports from around the world theme. I would feel the same way about the bathroom situation, and I’m impressed that you managed so well!
    Julie recently posted..Oh, How I Miss You Blogfest: A Holiday RoastMy Profile

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