Muriwai Beach at King Low Tide, New Zealand

The wild west coast beaches of New Zealand are captivating on every visit, however, Muriwai Beach at the king low tide last week was remarkable.  My commentary, however, is best displayed with photos.

I joined in with a photography group for the photo shoot, and I was pleased that my daughter Sarah decided to join too.  Searching in the tide pools and under the rocks is where we took the starfish photos in my last post.

Muriwai Beach at King Low Tide

Normally underwater even in an average low tide, Sarah and I were able to walk in areas we generally can’t even see. (Actually, we rarely visit this beach as it is on the west coast, and we live on the east coast.)

Gannet Island at Muriwai Beach

This rock is home to hundreds of Australian gannets who return each year to New Zealand for breeding season. More about these birds including some close up shots in tomorrow’s post.

Muriwai Beach at King Low Tide

A fisherman enjoys the pleasant evening.

Muriwai Beach at King Low Tide

This cave at Muriwai Beach is accessible only at low tide. To give some perspective on its size, the upright object just inside the cave is my teenage daughter, Sarah.

Muriwai Beach at Low Tide

Standing with my back to the cave as the tide turns.

I recently started following Noel Morata’s blog Travel Photo Discovery.  I thought my trip to Muriwai Beach at the king tide is a perfect entry in his Travel Photos Monday blog hop.  If you want to see more great travel photos, be sure to visit his blog and follow the links to the other participants.

Have you ever been to Muriwai Beach? Would you go into the cave at low tide?

See more of my photos from Muriwai Beach:

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  1. I can’t believe how HUGE that cave is! Wow! It’s good that you send your daughter in so we had the perspective. I love the bird cliffs too. I’m starting to believe every corner of NZ is spectacular and well worth a visit. Thanks for the pics! :)

  2. Cool. A special place

  3. Some amazing photos. That is one big cave.

  4. Looks so pretty! Been seeing quite a few NZ posts lately and it looks just stunning there. That is a huuuuugecave! You guys look tiny!

  5. I’ve not been there, but I would go at the beginning of low tide. Not when the tide turns. Too risky.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  6. Your pictures are breathtaking! I’d love to live so near those rocks and caves. My beach (as if I own it) is gorgeous too but nothing like that. I didn’t even see your daughter when I first looked at the picture. I’m glad you mentioned her. =)

    AJ’s wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  7. That coast looks absolutely amazing!

  8. Beautiful photos! I love the rock formations. Especially love the fisherman shot with the huge waves behind him. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Debbie Miller says:

    We were there on waitangi day had an amazing time also it is crucial to get strawberry icecream on the way back at the road side stand outside kumeu

  10. Wonderful shots of the place. I like that rocky structure.

  11. Amazing scenery and nice photos!

  12. Nice shots Rhonda and what a lovely place although your daughter is braver than me going under that cave heheh!

    • Braver than me too, did you notice I was standing outside :)
      Really, it was totally safe, it was king tides just past the turn of the tide. She had several hours before she would be in any trouble.

  13. Wow that cave is huge. Glad you pointed out your daughter as a size reference.

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