Laughing My Way Around the Globe – First A Visit to The Dentist

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laughing my way around the globeDid you notice it on the banner.  It’s up there, on the right hand side. Should I add a globe above it?  Should I remove my silly face? What do you think?

We are now 50 days and counting until we are on our way.  But the adventure has already started.  Last night we refined our list of things to do.  Good news for us, there are less than 100 things remaining.

Holy cow, it feels like my head is spinning again – as you can read I am pretty scattered.

Some of the more urgent items that will happen this week:

  • Confirm and pay for all our plane tickets
  • Follow up on Visa applications for China and Russia
  • Find a guide for Israel and another for Jordan

So naturally my day consists of writing blog posts, taking my teen windsurfing, going with my tween to have her ears pierced and it’s Tuesday, which around here means date night with hubby. We are home educating between all of that.

I also had to make a dentist appointment for hubby after our chat last night. Here’s the abridged version:

“Oh and I probably should add a visit to the dentist to the list.”


“At my check up {it was in November} he suggested I wait a bit and see if my toothache settles otherwise I might need a root canal.”

“And, how is it now?”

“It hasn’t settled, it probably can wait a bit, but not until we get back in December.”

“We are leaving in 51 days, are you kidding me?”

Poor hubby.  Next week he gets a root canal.  Better there than while we are laughing our way around the globe – it might not seem so funny if it became urgent in the Middle East.

What is it with men and dentists anyway?

Since we are laughing at the dentist, here is my favorite dentist joke:

A man and his wife walked into a dentist’s office. The man says,“Doc, I’m in a hurry. My buddies are out in my car waiting for us to go play golf, so forget about the anesthetic and just pull the tooth.”

The dentist thought him a very brave man asking to have his tooth pulled without something to kill the pain. “Which tooth is it, sir?”

The man turned to his wife and said: “Open your mouth, honey, and show him.”

Travel Countdown to our Overseas Adventure: 50 days!

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Travel Updates:

  • We have finalized and confirmed our home exchange plans – more on this later.
  • Our Spanish tutor is awesome!
  • I am working on scheduling posts while I am away.  I am accepting guest posts for Silly Sunday here at Laugh Quotes and I am accepting any relevant guest posts at Kibitz Spot.

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  1. Love the dentist joke. Just like a man who wants to play golf.

    I hope you’ll be blogging a bit during your vacation. We’d all love to come with you. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted..Towel AnimalsMy Profile

  2. What a wicked man LOL

    I like your face banner you could still keep it overlapping the globe or similar :-)

    I want to come too….so there :-)
    stevebethere recently posted..Win A Mystery PrizeMy Profile

  3. It is so cute and contagious! Every time he laughs, I can’t help but laugh too.Nice sharing of post..
    Maegan recently posted..Italian chandeliersMy Profile

  4. So you are leaving in about 2 months! exciting! I agree, you definitely want to take care of the teeth BEFORE the trip!
    Nancy recently posted..A Romantic Life: You getz what you deserve!My Profile

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