A Funny Photo Of Getting Braces

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Getting Braces or  . . .

Who knew getting braces looks so funny?(Add a Caption in the Comments)

Who knew getting braces would look so funny? She even was able to pick a color for the bands.  I would have selected pink, but back in my day there were no colors.  If you know this funny kid, you can correctly guess that her bands are purple.

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People always ask me, ‘Were you funny as a child?’ Well, no, I was an accountant. ~Ellen DeGeneres


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  1. Purples a good color!
    Happy WW :)

  2. LOL I wondered what it was when I opened the page heheh!

    Purple? she has excellent taste excuse the pun

    Have a bracetastic week Rhonda ;-)
    stevebethere recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Finding A PartnerMy Profile

  3. Ha!!

  4. Too funny!

    Teresa from NanaHood.com
    Teresa from NanaHood recently posted..Three Little PigsMy Profile

  5. That does look funny!

  6. good shot to remember the moment!
    Ai Sakura recently posted..Wordless Wednesday {linky party}: Joys of Parenting with Winnie | Week 9My Profile

  7. My daughter will be going through this soon. I can’t wait. She may pick one of every color for the bands.

    Sophia recently posted..Wordless{ish} Wednesday ~ NaiaMy Profile

  8. Wow that does not look like fun, but you did make a positive note to share with us! Hope you can stop by!
    Magical Miniature Gardens Wordless Wednesday
    Twitter Thanks have a great day! Karren
    Karren Haller recently posted..Kicken The Winter Blues $1000 Cash Giveaway SignupMy Profile

  9. Yikes! I’m guessing she’s not thrilled about this being on your website? Well maybe she is.

    Have a terrific day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted..Silly Sunday #70My Profile

    • Actually, she picked the photo, she thinks it is really funny. Poor kid, has her mom’s sense of humor.
      My rule: I never post photos of my kids (or anyone else that can be identified) with out their expressed permission, anywhere – blog, FB, etc.

  10. I would have chosen purple too! :)

    Happy WW!
    Stacey at RealWorldMom *LINKY* recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Colorful SkiesMy Profile

  11. Too funny.
    Joyce recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: A Frickin’ ElephantMy Profile

  12. Both funny and slightly creepy! Purple is a great choice, by the way!
    Christy Ann recently posted..Birthday Photos Part IIMy Profile

  13. Purple sounds cool! Cute pic!

  14. that is totally a blackmail photo for later life! ;)
    jessica @peekababy recently posted..Doll Debauchery #wordlesswednesdayMy Profile

    • No, she has too good of a sense of humor. She picked it. Actually, I waited weeks to be sure she was ok with me running it, but every week she said “It’s funny mom.”

  15. Hmm…hope they’re not painful…
    Art of RetroCollage recently posted..Collage’s Tender RefugeMy Profile

  16. will be worth it later :)
    Kiks recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – shades of ORANGEMy Profile

  17. Purple is a good choice. Man, I don’t miss having braces! Haha
    Emilee recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Link Up!My Profile

  18. That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

    Diana @ NannyToMommy
    Diana recently posted..#WordlessWednesday, Week #20 + #LinkyMy Profile

  19. LOL..good luck with the braces!

  20. Great shot. Caption – The day I got braces! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!
    Judy Haughton-James recently posted..Cruising in JA – Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  21. I like purple too! I played too. Mine are here and here.
    Cafe au lait recently posted..Singapore SlingMy Profile

  22. Oh boy. That sure looks interesting. My kids may have to look forward to this soon.
    Susi recently posted..Pony Rides – Then and Now {Wordless Wednesday}My Profile

  23. Our son is soon to be in that same position. Good luck!
    Sean @DisneyDayByDay recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  24. I love that she let you take her picture! :) And purple is an awesome color – since I didn’t get braces until I was an adult, they had color band options, too – I’d have the colors changed to coordinate with any events coming up (like my brother’s wedding – teal was the color of us bridesmaids, so I had teal bands put on to match my dress!) :)
    Stacy Uncorked recently posted..Signs of Creativity with a MacGyver TwistMy Profile

  25. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats says:

    I hated having braces – I also had an upper and lower pallate expanders…. and headgear. I was a MESS!
    Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Winter Bird WatchingMy Profile

  26. I wonder which my son will choose?
    ❤ Julie Maloney ❤ (@Momspective) recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Christian BaleMy Profile

  27. That picture is amazing. Good catch! FUNNY!
    Heloise recently posted..The Bible Miniseries (An Extended Look Video Preview) Begins 3-3-13My Profile

  28. LOL this is a good one! My daughter would pick pink or purple, too.
    Happy WW :)
    Megan Broutian recently posted..Fancy French haircut @Lucie Saint-Clair in #Paris #WWMy Profile

  29. That is truly HYSTERICAL !!! Made me belly laugh :) Thank You !!!
    Karen A Nelson @DWYDiM,com recently posted..Dressed for Success!My Profile

  30. Man, braces bring back some bad memories.

    Join my blog hop as well, I would be delighted!

  31. I was so glad I was able to avoid needing them, I’ve got to thank my Dad for my great choppers!

    I probably would have begged for invisalign! :-)

    That’s a great shot!

    Happy WW, thanks for the linky, I linked up!

  32. What a great sport that little girl is! Purple is my favorite color too! Thanks for hosting!
    Loy recently posted..A Baby Boomer Is Careful What She Wishes ForMy Profile

  33. I wish that my braces had been purple. I remember I had a big smile in my 6th grade picture not realizing that I had smoked salmon in my braces!

    Julie recently posted..Meddling Mothers and Disappointing DaughtersMy Profile

  34. Purple is a great colour choice!
    Monica recently posted..Monsters University ~ Opens in Theatres on June 21st!My Profile

  35. That’s hilarious! Back in my day they were just silver, too. I’d have loved a splash of color to go with my grill. :)
    Lauren @ Hobo Mama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: What a cat wearing pants looks likeMy Profile

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