A Funny Toilet Sign in the Waipoua Forest, New Zealand

I don’t know about you, but I laughed as I found this to be a very funny toilet sign and therefore perfect for Silly Sunday. Have a look, do you think someone tried to underline “Respect our heritage, use a toilet” or did they try to cross it out?

Funny Toilet Sign

funny toilet sign

Photo ©Rhonda Albom 2013

Two obvious questions, where is this sign and why did I find it so funny?

Pause for second and take a guess.  Where do you think this funny toilet sign is located?  Believe it or not it is at the entrance to the parking lot where I found the vehicle security sign I posted on Wednesday.

That probably didn’t help much, unless you are Sarah, the only reader who knew the sign and therefore guessed correctly (either that or she got really lucky with such a precise guess).   Going back to Wed, Sarah’s correct comment, “How about at the car park of New Zealand’s famous Kauri Trees in the Waipoua State Forest in Northland!

Exactly correct.  It’s in New Zealand. Probably not as surprising for this sign as for the other one, repeated here in case you missed it:

vehicle securityPhoto ©Rhonda Albom 2013

By the way, the Waipoua Forest is a stunning subtropical rain forest in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. It is loaded with some amazing and huge Kauri trees.  Starting tomorrow I will be sharing our recent travels up and around the top of the North Island.

Back to the question of the day: Did you laugh at the first sign, or more to the point why did I think it was a funny toilet sign?

  • It just seems really unnecessary.
  • I think of New Zealand as more than just clean, green living, but also a country focused on the outdoors, nature and adventure however, never when thinking about our heritage did I think of toilets.
  • I am not very mature.


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  1. And then when you got to the toilets, they were probably a “long drop”, a hut with a slab of wood and a “long drop” of 6 feet or more underneath, allowing nature to do the rest. I remember toilets like those in New Zealand, not the most pleasant, and hopefully you could wait the 1km to reach them!
    Tony Payne recently posted..Old AbrahamMy Profile

    • Very well likely the case, but the truth is we didn’t need a toilet. I only stopped to hike in the forest and take the photos. We had come from the North, so didn’t need to drive back the 1K to find out, but I would bet you are correct!

  2. What makes it funny is that i think the line was to cross it out LOL

    I’m even less mature so don’t worry too much Rhonda hahaha!

    Have a sillylicious week ;-)

  3. I think some kid was just scraping things with a stick and not paying attention to what he was scraping. Then again, reading into the nothing is how humor is born. Congratulations for birthing funny… er, I’m not talking about M & S, or am I?
    Joyce recently posted..Silly Sunday: ChickensMy Profile

  4. I thought it was funny. It was funny because it links two polar opposites, country and toilet. Unless the country is in the toilet.

    Happy Silly Sunday!
    Lauren recently posted..Canadians Blamed for Blast of Frigid Air or is that Frigidaire?My Profile

  5. I think it’s because you’re not very mature. I have always liked that about you too. Why not be silly every day. Works for me.

    Have a terrific Silly Sunday. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted..Silly Sunday #66My Profile

    • Actually, that is actually what I was thinking when I had to walk back out the parking lot entrance to take the photo. I felt all eyes upon me thinking “that women is not very mature!”

  6. Those signs are really funny and I did *LOVE* your WW photo. :D Thank you for letting me share over at my blog! Awesome photos and commentary.
    Cyndi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday Featured On SundayMy Profile

  7. its like our saying for the us flag, “dont tread on me”
    but theirs is “dont $#%> on me!”
    tara tyler recently posted..a whole new world!My Profile

  8. I always love your potty humor Rhonda! My favorite was your interview with the ladies room attendant from a few years ago. You should re-post that one again.

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