Is It ‘Insult Mom Day?’

fat jokesYikes, a teenager in the house. I knew trouble was coming when she turned 13 in December. We are homeschoolers, so I thought that bought me a little bit of time. Well it’s been 6 weeks since we got a teen and now I have been called a “fat pig.” Funny thing is it wasn’t by my teenager, but rather an outsider. Now, my teen is far too classy to insult mom like that.

So today we are at home and hear the music of the “Mr. Whippy” the ice cream truck, coming down the street. It is a lovely summer day, so why not. I guess it was a little hot for Mr. Whippy as the soft serve was just a little too soft. Complicate that with an ice-cream dip in that warm hard shell chocolate, and we had a rapidly melting treat. There we were, eating and walking back up the long drive (well I was hobbling, as I still have that annoying boot on my leg) with vanilla soft serve dripping down our hands and chocolate bits escaping. Now, I am sure it was not too attractive, and really rather entertaining. I know what the rest of the family looked like and I am sure I looked the same. So, this is the moment when my subtle teen, remembering the amusing expression I had on my face the first time it was said,  chooses to add,

Gee Mom, you can write about this in your fat pig blog post.”

So, did she call me a fat pig, I would say not. Technically she didn’t call me any names, instead she was being helpful by offering me a blog topic. Yea right. Who believes that?

Fast forward a few days and we run into a friend with his daughter.  The little girl very politely looks at me and says, “You look just like my grandma?” Before I even had a chance to let that “OMG, I am not aging well” comment sink in, my daughter, who remembers that look on my face from the other two “fat” comments, couldn’t resist asking me,

Is her grandma fat?”

Maybe I should try Rodney  Dangerfield’s solution:

“I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.” — Rodney Dangerfield

At least my clothes haven’t started talking to me yet.  Have you seen this new line from Sandyspider – it is very funny.


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  1. Now exactly who was it that said you have to love your kids??? LOL

  2. Rhonda's Dad says:


  3. Ahhhh…. out of the mouths of teenagers. Cheer up Rhonda, it’ll get worse! :-)

    Great shirt designs! Yeah, phat can be phunny… I’m not fat, I’m just bulking up!

    You know, one could always wear high heels… if they’re 3 inches taller their weight’s not too bad…

  4. Sandyspider says:

    Thanks for adding my t-shirt. Funny stuf.

  5. Sandyspider says:

    Oops typo. Funny stuff!

  6. I love these t-Shirts. Now I’ve had enough laughs to try to beat the storm home. The sun is out now, but the heavy winds and rains are expected later on.

  7. Ahh, kids. I had my four year old tell an eight year old a a playground that he had a “fat tummy” a few weekends ago, this was a total stranger and I had to apologize and have a “chat” with my 4 year old for sure.
    Justin Germino recently posted..Padlock USB Flash DrivesMy Profile

    • LOL – thanks for the laugh. Your poor little four year old probably didn’t even realize it wasn’t a nice thing to say. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to laugh quotes. :)

  8. Fat is the new sexy – very funny!

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