Do I Need Shin Pads for Futsal?

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My girls are headed overseas to a sports camp and their question, “Do I need shin pads?”

This is a real question, so be sure to let me know what you think.  Here is what we know so far:

The camp paperwork was all due the week we returned from our around the world travel.  With so much to catch up on, I could barely get my head around anything that week so I am not really surprised I forgot to keep a copy of their applications.

Yesterday I received an email from the New Zealand team coordinator with a few more details sent to her from the camp including the following line:

Soccer / Football – no studs and shin pads are compulsory.”

This resulted in the following email conversation:

Me: We forgot to make copies of our forms before we sent them to you.  Did either of my girls sign up for soccer?

Team Coordinator: No, not soccer.  (then she kindly included a list of the sports which each girl selected and apparently both girl included Futsal on their lists).

Me: Just to clarify, Futsal is not soccer and does not need shin pads.

Team Coordinator: Futsal is indoor soccer.

Me: So, I am just confirming then, that they do not need shin pads for this year’s camp.

Team Coordinator: Yes according to them.

Me: Sorry – still confused – yes they do, or yes they don’t?

Team Coordinator: When you read what they said “no studs and shin pads compulsory” it reads to me that:  no studs in shoes, and shin pads are compulsory.

I still can’t figure it out. I am sure it is really obvious to our team coordinator, who by now is rolling her eyes at me.  Personally, I laughed as it all transpired, some funny laugh quotes there.

Sadly the bottom line, I still don’t know, do I need shin pads for the girls camp.  What do you think, our girls are not playing soccer, only Futsal so do they need shin pads?

And don’t worry about my girls, they have fun outside of sport at camp.  Here are photos from last year’s camp evening parties. Not the best shots, but what do you expect traveling with teens. Or better still,  just don’t ask:

do I need shin pads

Macabbi 2012

One final note. Obviously they don’t need shin pads for Silly Sunday, as the title asked.  What they do need for Silly Sunday is some laughs, so if you blogged anything funny this week, please add a link to your post and we will come and check it out (if you were funny more than once, go ahead and add them all).

Silly Sunday Joke


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  1. I know you don’t need shin pads, but I’m not sure about the girls. Not sure at all. Kind of reminds me of Who’s on First. I’m sure you’ll figure it out at some point. Perhaps the girls can tell you?

    Have a terrific day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted..Reader AppreciationMy Profile

  2. I think they do!

  3. Get hubby to call.
    Joyce recently posted..Silly Sunday: Washington StateMy Profile

  4. Hi Rhonda .. I think I’d send them with shin pads – better safe than sorry!! And I can see how you both got confused … lucky girls having a school trip abroad .. cheers Hilary

  5. I would say yes, they need shin pads

  6. LOL, I think they can safely go shinpadless

    LOL @ Joyce

    Have a shinpadded Sunday and week Rhonda :-)
    stevebethere recently posted..Silly Sunday – Food TastingMy Profile

  7. Can you leave the tags on, and return them later if they don’t need them? Better safe than sorry. Good luck!
    Julie recently posted..CHEERS, CAVANAUGH BlogfestMy Profile

  8. I would just get them a whole body suit pad to cover your bases.
    Powdered Toast Man recently posted.."Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest"My Profile

  9. Better to be safe. Get the shin pads.

    Enjoy the season, Rhonda.


  10. I would send them with shin pads. Better safe than sorry!

  11. Definitely go with the shin pads!! Hope they have fun. :) Oh…and just so you know, it wasn’t you. Those emails were super confusing!!

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