Cooking the Computer to Dry It Out After I Spilled Coffee On It

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Is hubby really cooking the computer?  I thought he was kidding when he told me he put my Macbook in the oven to try and dry it out.

cooking the computer

If you missed it – I spilled a coffee on my computer last week.  In case you are wondering if this worked – it is still at the shop, so it is a mystery.  Or is it just a Wordless Wednesday joke?

What’s for dinner at your house?

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  • We have plane tickets!
  • The visa applications for Russia is one page and it came with five pages of instructions.

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  1. Yikes. I hope you can get your Macbook back and it’s working fine. Yikes.

    Have a terrific day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted..San Diego…My Profile

  2. You are very brave,I would forget I had put it there, happy ww thanks for hosting:)
    claire recently posted..Fun In The Snow : Wordless Wednesday Linky…My Profile

  3. I think It’s your warped sense of humour lmao :-)

    Have a brilliant day Rhonda :-)
    stevebethere recently posted..WW – AddictionMy Profile

  4. i feel like doing that to my computer sometimes!

  5. Hope they fix it soon for u!
    Ai Sakura recently posted..Wordless Wednesday {linky party}: Danboard Mail Order Bride | Week 6My Profile

  6. Oh boy, hope it gets fixed soon for you.
    Searching 4 Simplicity recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: A Winter Hike {LINKY}My Profile

  7. Oh no! Hope its fixable!
    Trisha G. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Go #NYGiants!My Profile

  8. It’s very possible that it may work. You might try calling a tech at Dell or Mac. I’m sure it will short out or at least be a bad thing to turn it on and try to use it if wet. However, I know that when computer parts get dirty, the techs put them in the dishwasher and wash and dry them. I’ve seen this done with printers and I have done keyboards many times so you just might luck out. I hope so.

  9. Did you try rice? That’s always worked for me!

    My Organized Chaos
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted..My Movie Dates {Wordless Wednesday with Linky}My Profile

  10. Maybe it will work. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    Dave Keller recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Do It AnywayMy Profile

  11. my son spilled water on his brand new $2000 MAC…fried too!
    momto8blog recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  12. Usually when someone does something like that the line would be, “What do you expect? He’s not a rocket scientist.” Uh, er, he IS a rocket scientist.
    Joyce recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Dog CartoonsMy Profile

  13. If I show this to my hubby (a huge Mac fan) he just might cry. Good luck with your computer!

  14. That’s always worked for me! Maybe it will work. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  15. hope t gets fixed asap

  16. This is funny! Your hubby was really serious on that? I’m curious about the outcome of your MacBook! ‘Can’t imagine! LOL
    Divina recently posted..Bodybuilding Nutritional Supplement ExplainedMy Profile

  17. This is very funny! i hope they can fixed your Macbook soon and properly works as usual. lol
    karla recently posted..Happy New Year To All Of You And Hope You Like The Aquarium Fish Photos Here …My Profile

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