Coffee and Computers Don’t Mix

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Coffee and computers are my two best friends.  As I learned today, best friends don’t always get along. My clear lesson for today:

“Coffee and Computers Don’t Mix!”

The day started out fine. A beautiful sunny day to work on the details of our upcoming adventure. Specifically we need to lock in place our Jordan tour guide and start the process for our Russia visas.

Other plans moving along. In a money saving effort, hubby and I agreed to cut down on our coffee consumption. If we to each spend $4 per day on a latte, the total coffee bill would equal $2,104. To avoid a caffeine headache we made a plan to cut down. Starting Feb 1, only one per day, starting March 1, one every second day, stopping completely the week before we go.

Today is Jan. 31, my last day of unlimited coffee. It was important so hubby created a masterpiece – the perfect latte.

It is a nice sunny day and fortunately hubby just fixed the deck umbrella. So up it went and my friend and I sat and enjoyed the day and our spectacular coffee.

She asked me a question, the answer to which was on my [amazon_link id="B005CWJ76O" target="_blank" ]MacBook[/amazon_link]. Violating my normally pedantic “no coffee and computers” rule, I grabbed the laptop and set it on the table.

offset umbrellaHonestly, this is exactly what happened next:

  • A giant gust of wind appeared out of nowhere.
  • The umbrella swung to one side then came back and closed down like a giant clam, grabbing my coffee cup.
  • Then the umbrella turned my cup and poured the contents on my open Macbook.
  • The Macbook shouted as the hot coffee seeped into its crevasses.
  • The computer’s fan turned on to full speed to reject the coffee.
  • The screen went dark.

And I was left sitting in the sun without coffee and computers. What a waste of a perfectly good Latte.

I am open to any suggestions, ideas, or just go ahead and poke some fun at me, I deserve it.

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When I met my hubby he was looking for a traveling companion. Together we have moved to New Zealand and visited over 42 countries, most with our now teenage girls. Things rarely go as planned, and generally we have an amusing tale to tell. That's what Laugh Quotes is about - the fun side of our adventures and our expat life.


  1. What can I add to this? Seriously. I’ve got nothing. Looks like you might have to start coffee withdrawal a little sooner than planned to replace your MacBook :(
    Lynne recently posted..Best Ice Cream Sundae RecipesMy Profile

  2. Next time, let me do the Java updates please.

  3. I could say that Coffee and Computer is the best mix. I enjoyed the mix of the two in a way that it helps my memory to refresh and stay on top.
    Jeremy recently posted..The Perils of Plotting a Time Travel NovelMy Profile

  4. Sooooo…..just curious, but how did you post this with tomorrow’s date? Is that the coffee?? (And FYI, the fact that it is Monday the 30th and not Tuesday the 31st, means that you get another day to enjoy unlimited coffee!!) I wonder if the rice trick would work on drying out the Macbook….
    Ginger recently posted..I CAN DO THIS! (Can’t I??!)My Profile

    • I only wish I got the extra day. I live in New Zealand, where the time is GMT +12. So, we are 21 hours ahead of California. At the new year Samoa crossed the date line, to our side, so now they are the first people in the world to see each new day, before Dec. 31, it was always New Zealand.
      Thanks for your comments and Welcome to Laugh Quotes.

  5. Didn’t I see on some TV show like McGiver (only I think it might have been All My Children) that you can put rice in a baggie with your electronics and it will dry it out? Otherwise they have these places called “electronic stores” where you can buy a new one – LOL

    • Thanks Sis. Hubby seems to think that the problem is more than the moisture, it is the damage from the milk and sugar. Our first stop on our big adventure is Kuala Lumpur where they have huge electronics malls. I am just glad we are good a backing up, or the photos would all be gone.

  6. I’m jealous you get to blog outside… that is all I’m going to say. :)
    Nancy recently posted..Kookie Crumbz: On Hiatus!My Profile

  7. God i would love to sit and blog outside, Looks outside at the snow :(

    Shame about your macbook tho…..
    dina recently posted..Plus Size DatingMy Profile

  8. Haha, oh my, I hate to laugh at someone else’s pain, but that’s crazy. The umbrella is out to get you obviously. Hopefully you’re still under warranty.
    Jane recently posted..Allergy Site InformationMy Profile

  9. An unfortunate incident indeed, I cannot live a day without my laptop. lucky for you, you have an insurance, once my kid accidentally spilled water took me a month to get it repaired. All I can say is feel your pain. Thanks for sharing the idea of blogging outside, it sounds fun and adventurous. Off to a coffee shop around the corner, Oops but just love coffee.
    Mary Walsh recently car insuranceMy Profile

    • I agree, lucky for me I did have insurance. When we lived in the states, my home owners insurance would never have covered this, but in NZ it does.

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