Chocolate Strawberry Tower – My New Favorite Dessert in New Zealand

Some things are worth ignoring my diet for, and this chocolate strawberry tower is one of them.

New Zealand desserts generally have less sugar than their American counterparts. After 10 years of living here, I still have not fully adapted my tastes. I can walk away from most NZ sweets without a problem.  This week a South African expat friend created this chocolate strawberry tower:

Chocolate Strawberry Tower

For those who like a few words, even on Wordless Wednesday: This is a pyramid of strawberries, with melted chocolate poured over the top, filling in all the nooks and crannies, like a chocolate fountain

Then it is put in fridge so the chocolate hardens. The best part, we used small shrimp forks, each taking a turn to stab a berry, and pull it from the chocolate strawberry tower . . . and they never come alone, sometimes two, sometimes three and lots of chocolate.

Have you had a chocolate strawberry tower? Are you going to make one this holiday season?

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  1. Now that looks delicious Can I order 2 heheh!

    Have a chocolatestrawberrytowertastic week (phew!) :-)

  2. Oh my that looks absolutely wonderful! Yummy!

  3. Oh my, it sure looks yummy… Can have one to go!!
    Have a lovely day.

  4. I wish I could devour one right now!! Yum.

  5. Totally worth ignoring a diet!! Looks heavenly!!!

  6. I think that pic should be a PG13 as it is delightfully decadent!!!LOL

  7. Sounds wonderful! I’d love to try that.

  8. That would be my fave too!!!

  9. That looks really dellish.. it would be my favourite too !!

  10. I might have to make one now!

  11. Looks delish!

  12. These are indeed very good. I’ve had something similar but not called this. Love it. I’ve a feeling you’ll be having this now and then.

    Have a fabulous day Rhonda. :)

  13. That chocolate looks so delicious, and I love how it hardens! Thanks for the great recipe Rhonda!

  14. Oh, I could go for a huge helping of that right about now!

  15. Not sure if my link connected right. Disregard if it shows up. If not, please let me know. It is suppose to be a picture of Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

  16. ok now I see it. Sometimes I do it too fast and then it doesn’t show up. Haste makes waste.

  17. This looks oh so delicious! I would definitely like to have some. Thanks for hosting Rhonda.

  18. That looks delicious! I wish I could have one right now!

  19. I haven’t had one, but I want one NOW! Yummy!

  20. All that yummy chocolate?? I couldn’t turn that down either! Looks divine!

  21. Yum! what diet???

  22. Yum! I wouldn’t be able to say no to that terrific tower, either.

  23. Tony McGurk says:

    No haven’t had one of these but it’s definitely worth breaking a diet for. We once went to a work function & they had a chocolate fountain with strawberries to dip in it. I definitely went into all you can eat mode

  24. Looks delicious and for the most part healthy :D

  25. Oh wow this looks amazing,yum yum :)

  26. Oh my….

  27. I am SO making this. Looks absolutely delicious and a fun change from just plain chocolate dipped strawberries. I may go completely crazy and add some bananas!

  28. Wanna taste that one.. :)

    Have a fantastic week!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here.

  29. wooow…I want thaaaat..sooo yummy for sure :D…Happy WW as well…cheers from Indonesia

  30. I would knock people over to get at this.

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