Celebrating Small Things Today

Sometimes the best part of life is slowing down and celebrating small things. I was reminded of that yesterday when we were in the car and my teen daughter said,

  • “I’m sorry mom, I should have listened, you were right from the beginning.”

A few more small things we are celebrating today and this week:

  • Over the past two months we have seen just about every member of our extended family as we travel through the United States.  We feel so lucky.
  • I write on the Squidoo platform which has gone through major changes and I finally completed updating all of my pages.
  • Several more of my travel photos are now available for sale at Amazon (on greeting cards).
  • For the first time in ages, this week my things to do list got shorter, rather than longer.
  • I found some wonderful old photos in my dad’s storage locker.  This was my favorite.  I am the “older” child:

celebrating small things

Are you celebrating small things this week?

Celebrating small thingsMy inspiration: Celebrating Small Things is a Friday blog hop hosted by VikLit.  You can join in here: Scribblings of an Aspiring Author, and I encourage you to visit and check out some of the other small accomplishments of fellow bloggers.  Also, it’s nice to slow down, reflect and take the focus off of the giant list of things to do and look at the smaller completed list with a smile.

Thank you Vik.

PS: New Zealand is the first country in the world to see each new day (at least it was before Samoa decided to cross the dateline last year).  So, it is already well into Friday in my world!

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When I met my hubby he was looking for a traveling companion. Together we have moved to New Zealand and visited over 42 countries, most with our now teenage girls. Things rarely go as planned, and generally we have an amusing tale to tell. That's what Laugh Quotes is about - the fun side of our adventures and our expat life.


  1. This post made me smile. Some kids never figure this out. I’m glad yours did.

    What a fine looking family indeed.

    Have a terrific day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted..CinderellaMy Profile

  2. I love the picture. I remember you guys a bit older than that!

  3. Oh how cute you were! And here’s to knocking of some things on the to-do list!
    Julie Luek recently posted..Pig Tales and SnippetsMy Profile

  4. Your daughter admitted you were right? Did you record that moment?

  5. M & S look like you as a child.


  6. That’s a very sweet picture. I had a plaid skirt like the one you’re wearing.

    Happy Friday and weekend, Rhonda.
    Robyn Engel recently posted..Clowning AroundMy Profile

  7. That’s a cute picture. Glad you got to see everyone – that’s not an easy feat when being abroad. My kids haven’t even met my aunts, uncles and cousins yet, so I really consider that worth celebrating :)
    Tonja Drecker recently posted..Short and Sweet – Celebrating those small thingsMy Profile

    • Thanks Tonja, it was really special for all of us. There was one new baby cousin that I never met and a few of the second cousins that I got to know for the first time.

  8. I put my head in from the Celebrations blog hop, and I’m glad I did! What a delicious thing to hear from a teen (and darn! I wish I’d said that to my parents at that age – their stunned expressions would have been priceless – and their gratification would have been well-deserved!)

    I am glad your extended trip is going well, and am charmed by the family photo. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Yes, she probably should have taken a photo of my face. The ensuing conversation when something like this:
      “Mum, are you ok?”
      “Shhh, I am just enjoying the moment.”

  9. It is great that your trip is going extremely well. Have a great week ahead :)
    Bames recently posted..Celebrate Small ThingsMy Profile

  10. It’s a relief to see your ‘to do’ list getting shorter. And your daughter’s proclamation is pricelss! As parents we try so hard to help our children so they don’t fall on their faces.
    Cathrina Constantine recently posted..Celebrate the Small ThingsMy Profile

  11. Of course, I meant PRICELESS!!
    Cathrina Constantine recently posted..Celebrate the Small ThingsMy Profile

  12. That’s neat you’re selling your images on cards on Amazon.

  13. Hmmmm….Confession, but I don’t know why I should feel bad because I’m sure it was given to me, but I have a framed 8×10 close-up of that same photo hanging on my wall – I have had it since I’ve lived in this house for at least 12 years – and I am sure it came here with me – it’s one of my favorite photos, hangs right by my front door. I love seeing the family every day when I come home or go up my stairs. :)

  14. Lisa Ross says:

    Awww Love the photo. I can so see Melissa in your face.

  15. Throwing it away, that’s an interesting idea.

  16. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that statement, now usually after a heated argument where he walks away in a huff, but eventually returns and uses this statement to make up! :)

    My fault, I interfere too much!

    Congratulations on your photo sales! The one here is lovely!

  17. As far as I know you are the first New Zealander to comment on my blog, so: welcome, and thanks for stopping by.
    Julia recently posted..Celebrate the small things – already?My Profile

  18. love the pictures,visiting back for Celebrating Small things.
    Michie recently posted..Celebrate Small Things – August 23, 2013My Profile

  19. C. Lee McKenzie says:

    Great photo! And how wonderful to hear “You were right!”

  20. I’m amazed at your energy LOL it’s nice to slow down now and again although I have no room to talk I am in a permanent state of slow down heheh!

    That photo well butter wouldn’t melt Rhonda LOL I love going through my Dad’s old photos it is funny how everyone looked much older than they were then, I put it down to the clothes.

    Have a slowtastic day :-)

    PS: Keep that list down :mrgreen:
    stevebethere recently posted..Silly Sunday – The CoupleMy Profile

  21. Where were you in the states? What a great picture. I love the idea of “Celebrating Small Things.” We miss so much in our busy lives.
    Lauren recently posted..My Photo Op AddictionMy Profile

  22. Yay for your “to do list” getting shorter!
    Awesome picture and your daughter realizing that? It just makes me smile ;)
    S.Katherine Anthony recently posted..Time to Celebrate!My Profile

  23. It’s a great experience to look back over old photos, writings, etc. Glad for you that you’ve found that photo. And may your to-do list keep dwindling. I’ve never done squidoo before. There are so many platforms out there, it could drive me nuts!

    I’ve liked your fb page and invite you to like mine too. :)

  24. I am glad your to do list is getting shorter, it’s nice when it’s that way round isn’t it!
    Viklit recently posted..Celebrate the Small Things – Friday 23 AugustMy Profile

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