Animal Stories – Can You Handle The Truth?

Celebrating the upcoming release of her new book, 18 Truths, Jamie Ayres is hosting Can You Handle The Truth? It’s a book release blog fest that is just too much fun to pass up.

Can you handle the truthAlong with over 25 other participants, I present you two truths and a lie, and it is your job to decide which is real, and which is a fabrication.  To make it a bit more difficult for you, I added a few random photos that I took just before the event either did, or did not take place.

1. In Gibraltar a barbary macaque (monkey) grabbed my sunglasses off my face. Quickly he took them back to his owner/trainer who sold them back to me for €2.

Can You Handle The Truth

2. In Morocco we saw goats climbing trees.

Can You Handle The Truth

3. In Malaysia my daughter was invited to join the keepers and give an elephant a bath in a stream and then she rode him out of the water.

Can You Handle The Truth

Following the rules to the game, two of these stories are true, one is a lie. Can you tell which is the lie?

If you had fun here, join in (and enter to win one of the prizes):

Answers provided on Wednesday.
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Looking for the Answers:

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When I met my hubby he was looking for a traveling companion. Together we have moved to New Zealand and visited over 42 countries, most with our now teenage girls. Things rarely go as planned, and generally we have an amusing tale to tell. That's what Laugh Quotes is about - the fun side of our adventures and our expat life.


  1. They all sound plausible.
    I’m going to say the first is the lie.

  2. lisa Ross says:

    The first one is a lie?

  3. I also have to go with #1, as you definitely would’ve written about it before! Although you’ve had so many exciting adventures that it is hard to keep up with them. Fabulous photos too!

  4. I also think the first one

  5. I thought I remembered something about monkeys and elephants, so I am going with number 2.

  6. Looking at your all pictures, I can believe each one. But I guess there must be a lie in that list. I’m going with #1. Great fun!

  7. that’s so awesome! your entries are so creative and believable! (of course)

    i say the last one, but i really have no clue!

  8. Sold your sunglasses back to you for $2? What a scam.

    Have a fabulous Silly Week. :)

  9. I think the first one also but the thought of it did make me laugh :-)

  10. I’m betting the elephant story is the lie.

  11. I think number 1 is the lie!

  12. I want to believe all three are true, but I’m going with the goats in trees one (as the lie).
    Keep a smile.

  13. I so want all three to be true. Ok. Goats totally climb trees so I’m going with 1…only, I would have charged more.

  14. I’m going to say #1 b/c it was more detailed than the other two. And oh, are any of your pics in that calendar “Goats In Trees” ???? Thanks for playing :-) Can’t wait to see the truths tomorrow!

  15. What was the lie? I can’t take the suspense any longer!

  16. Hmmm I’m going with #1:)

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