Auckland Zoo Photos: Tiger Showing Teeth and Other Fun Animal Photos

We have only been to the Auckland Zoo once this year and I captured some fun shots. My favorite was a series of this yawning tiger.

Auckland Zoo Tiger

The Australian Emu stood up tall and proud for his portrait.Auckland Zoo

My girls and their cousin couldn’t resist the fun of popping up in the meerkat enclosure.

meerkat Auckland Zoo tunnels

Indigenous to New Zealand, tuatara is the only living relative of the dinosaur.  He lives just outside the kiwibird enclosure. Since kiwibirds are nocturnal, the enclosure is in very dim light and flash photos are not allowed.tuatara at Auckland Zoo

The Auckland Zoo is also filled with traditional zoo animals like lions, zebras, giraffes, hippopotamus, elephants and rhinoceros. I am not sure why there are no bears. As for reptiles, there are no snakes anywhere in New Zealand, including the Auckland Zoo. rhinoceros

Can you see the baby baboon hanging on to mom’s belly?Mother and baby baboon

Flamingos are just fun. flamingos

According to the Auckland Zoo’s Homepage, it is home to the largest collection of native and exotic animals in New Zealand.

Have you been to the Auckland Zoo? What’s your favorite zoo animal?

Quick Quiz: Do you know which animal is the only indigenous mammal to New Zealand?

[Edit: Fruit bats are the only indigenous mammal to New Zealand.]

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  1. wonderful wonderful shots. I love the picture of the baby clinging to the mom, what a wonderful shot (though they are all lovely)

  2. Wow, look at those tigers teeth!!

  3. Brilliant shots I wouldn’t wanna go near that tiger LOL, fantastic that you managed to get a shot of an astronaut with 2 heads too ;-)

    Have a zootastic week ahead ;-)

  4. I love that they had the tube thing for you to see through…how cool!

  5. I must remember to put the zoo on the agenda this school holidays. My girls are a told older now but I think they would still enjoy it.

    I’m finally back to WW business this week with a blog make over and a few giveaways. While it is still very much a work in progress I would love to know what you think.

  6. I loved these pictures especially the ones of the yawning tiger. I have not been to a zoo in ages. Maybe it is time to plan a trip to one in the summer.

  7. Great shots Rhonda. The tiger photo is well captured & I like the dome you can look through into the enclosure

  8. I’ve not been to your zoo.

    Giraffes are my favorite although I enjoy all the animals.

    Tuatara is the only indigenous mammal to New Zealand.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  9. What great shots! We missed going to the zoo this year, but hopefully we will have a trip to one next year!

  10. All the photos are really nice, but the yawning tiger is especially cool. :) Thanks for linking on Amanda’s Books and More!

  11. Wow, those are amazing!
    Are you sure that tiger is yawning…?

  12. I love the meerkat!

    We visited an aquarium last year that had one of those bubble things for the penguins. It was fun to be that close to them.

  13. Wow spectacular images, I feel almost as if I visited you zoo in persona. Thanks for sharing these!

  14. Great shots, but the teeth on that Tiger is my favorite, Wow!

  15. It must have been so fascinating seeing this animals! Wonderful shots. Thanks for hosting.

  16. These are some really cool shots, I know sometimes taking good animal pictures can be a challenge but you make it seem easy with all these beautiful ones.
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  17. Love to go at Zoo’s… Cool shots!

    Have a fantastic week!

    WW is up here

  18. Awesome timing on the yawning tiger! :) I thought it was angry. Look at those fangs! Thanks for sharing your zoo photos.

  19. What beautiful, healthy animals!
    :) Danica

  20. Really amazing photos! My favorite was also of the the yawning tiger. I can’t believe your hand was so steady! Cute photo of the girls!

  21. Some pretty amazing critters there, and nice photos.

  22. Hi Rhonda .. that tuatara is special – I’ve never seen one before. I must get up to London zoo sometime as I haven’t been for years (perhaps even centuries!) … and I’m sure it’s very advanced in its approach.

    Cheers and I love wild animals and seeing them .. tiger’s teeth – a whole new perspective … at Shanghai zoo – they clean the hippos’ teeth with a broom! Photo and article link on my blog – almost 3 years ago now .. it was a post my mother loved – mainly for Washington’s teeth! Hilary

  23. Great photos! We’ve never been to that zoo. That tiger looks vicious – but he was only yawning??? Yikes! :)

  24. Love the tiger but my favourite is the meerkat!

  25. Wow. You got some terrific shots! Thanks for sharing since I’ve never seen a tuatara before. I just showed my son and he knew what it was!

    You might laugh at this. Our cats like to catch snakes and bring them to our garage. They rarely kill them, they just think they’re fun to play with. My middle son will then make the snakes into pets! As long as they are non-venomous!

    Happy WW!

  26. I wish we had a zoo. All we have are a bunch of farms.

  27. Great series!
    You were lucky with the tiger to get such a wonderful capture of its teeth.

  28. Beautiful photos. We have a wonderful zoo in Portland, OR where I live. We were there the other night for their Zoo Lights festival, although it was FREEZING!

  29. aquariann says:

    If that’s what a tiger looks like when he’s sleepy, I’d hate to see when he’s mad. Cool captures!

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Rehoboth Beach Grass

  30. I’ve never been, but it looks super fun!
    My entry is #51. Come by and vote for us 1 last time?

  31. That looks like so much fun! We have a zoo about an hour away and we never go, I need to make it a point to!

  32. Great pictures. The animals at our zoo always seem to be asleep. I think it’s too cold here :-)

  33. Spectacular. We love the zoo. I showed the pics to my kids and they thought they were super cool. Thank you so much for sharing.

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