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David Spade humorDespite his complete irrelevance to the topic, I think it was the allure of David Spade that summoned me to the “And You Are. . . ?” Blog Hop. It’s hosted by Tammy and Emily and there are prizes (I love prizes).

Since most of Laugh Quotes 2012 was dedicated to our round the world travels, I will use the trip as a base to answer the blog hop questions.

1. How many speeding tickets have you gotten?

I am so glad Tammy and Emily worded the question this way, rather than “How many encounters have you had with the police?” Semantics in play here, the answer would be none, as there is no documented “ticket” when our bribe money travels straight from our hand to his pocket.

2. Can you pitch a tent?

What do you think?

3. What was your worst vacation ever?

As we traveled for nearly 250 days, we segmented it into location. So, our worst location involved 72 stairs to our tiny room where we found hair balls stuck to the shower wall, cockroaches crawling on the ground, paper thin towels and something so gross in the bed we decided to give it a name.

4. What was the last thing you bought over $100?

Sadly, it wasn’t the ever so needed carton of wet wipes.

5. We’re handing you the keys to what?

If we are very lucky it is a room with air conditioning, or at least a toilet with a seat.

6. What was the last meal you cooked that made even you sick?

Let’s put it this way, it involved this:

And You Are? Blog Hop (Photo ©Rhonda Albom 2012)

7. Fill in the blank: Oh my gosh! Becky, look at her butt! It is so big. She looks like ____?

She looks like . . . the cause of the eclipse.

8. What was your first car?

Can you say “camel.”

9. Your best friend falls and gets hurt. Do you ask if he/she’s okay or laugh first?

I am a humor blogger/travel photographer. I hold in the laughter until I have taken the photo, the shaking messes up my shot.

10. What’s the worst song ever?

I’ll have to deviate from my travels for a moment. It would be YMCA from the Village People.
If you must:

Be sure to visit the linky at “And You Are . . .?” Blog Hop. New Zealand is nearly the first country to see each new day, so if you are not participating, there may still be plenty of Monday Dec 3 where you live.

Thanks Tammy and Emily.  This was fun, even if I don’t win.  Of course it would be more fun if I did win, and as you can see from Q1 we are not above bribes.

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When I met my hubby he was looking for a traveling companion. Together we have moved to New Zealand and visited over 42 countries, most with our now teenage girls. Things rarely go as planned, and generally we have an amusing tale to tell. That's what Laugh Quotes is about - the fun side of our adventures and our expat life.


  1. Was that a meal, or the scene of a murder?

    • Actually that was at the butcher shop (more like a meat stall) in Morocco. When the meal starts out looking like this, it doesn’t get any easier to digest. And you can’t even see the flies.

  2. Fun answers. Of course you would not laugh at me if I fell.
    Joyce recently posted..Silly Sunday: DinnerMy Profile

  3. Number three did it for me. I’m sorry, but I just could not have done a big part of your vacation.

    Have a terrific day. :)
    Comedy Plus recently posted..Silly Sunday #58My Profile

    • LOL Sandy, that was actually a hotel in Germany. It was one of many reasons we were glad we carried silk sleeping bag liners, so when in doubt, we never had to touch the sheets.

  4. LOL! Your answers are awesome, Rhonda. Camel? The eclipse? Wet wipes? Great job.
    Thanks for participating!

  5. When did you name what was in the bed? Was it a Snooki or a Larry King?
    Powdered Toast Man recently posted..I was going somewhere with itMy Profile

  6. I’m just impressed you were able to homeschool on the road… I’m doing it at the kitchen table for a 5-year-old and it’s a nightmare ;)
    Mark Koopmans recently posted..AlexFest Linky List & "And You Are…?" Blog HopMy Profile

    • LOL – leave the table. We work on the floor, the couch, any where that suits the kids. Now that they are older they have returned to the table.

  7. Elise Fallson says:

    The Village People just called, the cowboy is inconsolable.
    Fun answers and thanks for commenting on my post. I tried
    following via your networked blogs but I’ve never gotten it to work
    properly, but I’ll be happy to manually add you to my blog roll, thanks for the LOLs! (:

    • Should I hide, are they coming for me, or too busy crying? Thanks for adding me to the blog roll. I added you to my google reader, which I only just recently learnt how to use, and I love it. Makes it quicker and easier to follow and read.

  8. Wow what a cool life you lead! Except for that rank hotel room you mentioned. lol You are a rockstar if you can home school while traveling. I’d be a basket case, but kudos to you!Where are you from originally??
    PK Hrezo recently posted..And You Are…My Profile

  9. I’d have to say I think that meal would have made me sick too. And that room . . . hopefully you chose a good name for the gross thing in the bed since you’ll be stuck with those memories for life!
    L.G. Keltner recently posted..And You Are . . .? Blog HopMy Profile

  10. Okay you win on the food that made you sick.

  11. Oh poor Village People! At least they gave you a show though.
    Michael Offutt recently posted..What kink will the Hivemind accept or ridicule?My Profile

  12. Eww…I wouldn’t have survived the cockroaches.
    E.Arroyo recently posted..And you are…? Blog HopMy Profile

  13. those animal heads! AHH!! scary!
    Azia recently posted.."And you are…?" Blog HopMy Profile

  14. I started saying “ewwww” at #3, and then I saw that head and my mind went blank with horror for a few minutes there. O.M.G.
    Azara recently posted..And you are…?My Profile

  15. Loved your answers. That meal looked truly disgusting. But the room you described sounds lovely. How many people are lucky enough to have a room come with a new friend occupying the bed? haha

  16. I dont think I would be able to prepare that meal. I hope it turned out to be delicious!
    Shannon W recently posted.."And You Are…?" Blog HopMy Profile

  17. wow a camel for a first “car”…pretty awesome!

  18. Oh my, the thing in the bed and the photo of the dead critter win for grossness!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  19. favorite answer #9, ha!
    whats a camel?
    tara tyler recently posted..Nicely NaughtyMy Profile

  20. Ah-hahahaha!!!! Rhonda, you are seriously SO FUNNY. You win. Totally loved this. :D

  21. £ and 6 what the hell is that in 6 good gawd LOL

    Have a good week :-)
    stevebethere recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – GasMy Profile

  22. I totally shuddered when you said you found something so awful in that bed you were compelled to name it. UGH!!! How did you ever fall asleep???

  23. Hehe, I love your answer to the falling question. Now there’s a photography pro! Can’t let anything mess up the shot :)

    • LOL, it doesn’t always work out so well. I did have an ankle injury for nearly two years after I “saved the camera” in a fall. But that was my fall, and I am sure others were laughing. (I would have been.)

  24. Your vacation details sound horrific! Thanks for the follow, following back :-)
    Annalisa Crawford recently posted..IWSG – Thank youMy Profile

  25. Your answer to #7 should win the contest for you – rofl!

  26. This was great! Where were you in #3? You are such a good sport! Between #3 and the worst meal, I would’ve been crying for days! Actually the worst meal probably brought on #3!

  27. Those pictures look disgusting! By the way, it’s been entertaining to read it.
    Julia recently posted..mint a fogunk…My Profile

    • Yes, I probably could have lived the rest of my life without ever seeing the goat head. At least it’s not as bad as the toilets. Traveling with me is never dull.

  28. I happen to like David Spade. Really had a good laugh.

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